Hard Sided Personnel Air Lock

This unit is typically used in applications were there is need to bring objects into
the structure that cannot pass through a revolving door.


An aluminum frame work configured to create vestibule between two pressure
compensating doors. Top and sides are covered with .060 aluminum.

Download PDF Drawing


Pressure compensating door design, negates the effect of the internal structure
pressure while insuring proper door closure.
Top to bottom vision panel with Lexan glazing.
Perimeter fabric clamps for connection to the structure.
High performance air seals minimize air loss.
Shipped as a completed unit, no assembly required.


Special lengths and or widths to meet your specific requirements.
Emergency exit lighting and signage package.
Threshold ramps.


When considering any entry to be installed in an air structure application.
One should consider the surface force seen by a door is approximately five
pounds per square foot of surface area when the structure pressure
reaches 1″ wc. In our opinion, this level of loading and the inherit life safety considerations make conventional doors an inappropriate choice.

Unit is designed to for use in structures operating at pressures up to 2” wc.

Unit is NOT to be used a part of the structure anchorage.


We do NOT recommend this unit be used as a primary egress – access point.