About Fizer, Inc

The technological expertise and experience required of a successful building company.

In 1993 Fizer, Inc started engineering air structure inflation systems.
Incorporating the latest innovations in design, air management, and electrical systems, our goal is to provide the most efficiency, safety and comfort in every air structure we build.

Air-supported structures are unique building systems that offer practical advantages over conventional buildings. Permanent structures can be a costly investment and cannot be easily relocated or expanded and often have limitations on open space. Air-supported structures provide low cost, easy to relocate and easily expandable, clear span open space.

There are many applications for air supported structures and the demand is growing every year. Tennis courts, basketball courts, swimming pools, golf driving ranges, soccer fields and multi-purpose sports arenas are all recreational facilities that benefit from the use air structures. Industrial air-structure applications are another important opportunity for obtaining affordable warehousing, manufacturing and construction facilities.