Three Leaf Revolving Door

Three Leaf Revolving Door

The fully operational entry is designed to meet the unique demands of an air supported structure. The design allows for the highest volume of traffic with minimal air loss. The three leaf configuration provides ample walking area even while equipment is being carried. The materials and finishes used in the door result in durability and an appearance that is esthetically appealing. Unit is designed to for use in structures operating at pressures up to 2.5” wc. Door is NOT to be used a part of the structure anchorage.

Three Blade

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Standard Features

Door leafs constructed from heavy gauge aluminum extrusion of our own design.  The significant feature of its design being the ability to replace the air seals and or glazing panels should they be damaged. Door leaves are painted, white or the color of your choice.  Door section rotates on 1” diameter four bolt flanged bearings. These bearing are equipped with grease fittings and are accessible by way of the removable service panel.  Brush type air seals offer minimal air loose without excessive drag. Perimeter fabric clamps for connection to canopy. Lexan windows afford safety with durability. Roof Structure: Outer skin (weather shield ) mill finish aluminum over 3” structural aluminum channel frame. Inner skin (ceiling) is .10 mill finish aluminum.  Drum construction: Inner and outer skin of .060 clear anodized aluminum over  skeleton of 1-1/2 x 1-1/2 x 3/16 aluminum angle connecting laser cut bulkheads top bottom & center.

Floor: 3/8 6061 T-6 aluminum covered by 1/8” slip resistant aluminum floor.

Special application

We offer special adaptations and or designs to meet your specific requirements.


Call with your specific needs.