Emergency Exit Door

Description / Design Criteria

A unit specially designed to meet the unique criteria of an air supported structure.
Unit is designed to for use in structures operating at pressures up to 2.5” wc.
Door is NOT to be used a part of the structure anchorage.


Shipped fully assembled ready for installation.
All aluminum construction.
Center pivot mechanism with spring loaded hinges, negates the effect of the internal structure pressure while insuring proper door closure.
Panic hardware as required for an emergency exit.
Vertical vision panel with Lexan glazing.
Adjustable knee braces & tilt-up foot plates, allow for ease of installation.
Perimeter fabric clamps for connection to the canopy.
High performance air seals minimize air loss.
Pre-wired for emergency signage and lighting.

Special applications:

We offer special adaptations and or designs to meet your specific requirements.


When considering any entry to be installed in an air structure application.
One should consider the surface force seen by a door is approximately five pounds per square foot of surface area when the structure pressure reaches 1″ wc.
In our opinion, this level of loading and the inherit life safety considerations make conventional doors an inappropriate choice.


Emergency exit doors should not be used for general egress – access.